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Personalised USB Sticks

It’s hard to beat branded USB sticks as an advertising vehicle in your marketing plan. They come in numerous shapes, styles and colours, with multi colour printing available on one or both sides. Time poor? We can pre-load your prescribed conference presentations prior to delivery. We also give you the option of making that uploaded content deletable or non deletable.

The memory capacity determines pricing for your branded USB sticks. 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB of memory are the norm. Some sticks have as little as 512MB (relatively little information in today’s media-rich world,) making 1GB a benchmark entry level.

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, we gathered at conferences passing around paper or disks to share information. Not longer so! USB sticks are functional and affordable, allowing your delegates to carry all your conference decks back to the office for perusal on your branded USB sticks – smaller than a pencil eraser! The growing numbers of telecommuters in our ranks mean that your staff likely make regular use of USBs to port information home for work.

You can order as few as 50 USB sticks, but there are great price incentives starting at a buy of 100 units. There’s latitude for 3 colour print or engraving and the (earlier mentioned) pre-loading of information. Why consider purchasing generic, unbranded USB sticks from a major retailer such as Office Works when you might have all this personalisation for the same price, or cheaper!

USB Sticks

USB Sticks

Personalised USB sticks are an inexpensive way to push your brand to front of mind. Why stop at printing your logo? Take it a step further and customise with a cool shape! Perhaps a replica of the product you sell, or the business vertical you operate in. Does a credit card-shaped USB (fitting neatly into your delegates’ wallets) sound enticing?

Once the artwork is approved, USB sticks can be delivered in about 2-3 weeks. We also have other local options available (albeit limited choice) where < 2 weeks’ turnaround is required. To ensure that every unit in your order functions optimally, all our USB sticks contain only A-grade chips.

USB prices vary with the market – on average every 2 weeks – as they are quoted in US dollars.  Please contact the friendly professionals at You’ve Been Promoted today on 1300 308 459 for some tantalising ideas and keen prices for your next order of USB sticks.

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