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Annual Report Design

Lumino are the Experts in Annual Report Design

Professional annual report design combines a mix of great creative ideas, inventive copywriting and a methodical process for annual report design production.

annual report designWhen developing creative concepts for annual report design, clients need a choice of creative ideas, which each effectively express the theme and reflect the key messages for their planned corporate communications.

Each annual report design project must have a set of clear objectives and milestones to reach to manage each stage of the production.

The brief

A written brief is needed to clearly map out the overall intention and specific messages needed to be communicated in the annual report design. There will be various audiences that need to be communicated with through the annual report design.

Theme and title development

During the briefing process the key words that are important for the corporate messaging must be identified. These key words are then incorporated into a series of titles that express the specific theme. A range of creative techniques

is needed to develop multiple titles, including brainstorming and free association. A shortlist of possible titles are then presented to the client for the selection of a final choice in the annual report design.

Creative concept development

Agencies need extensive design experience and resources to uniquely express an annual report design and theme visually, using words, imagery, colours, typographical treatments and other graphic elements derived from the client’s corporate identity. Each designer should be given the opportunity to submit ideas and to collaborate on concepts for the final annual report design. The strongest ideas are more fully realised for presentation to the client as a complete creative concept. Each concept takes a different approach to express the theme and underlying messages in the annual report design, and each one is typically shown as a cover, themed spread, typical page spread and financial spread.

Concept refinement and application

Once a preferred concept is chosen, the Creative Director and design team then work to

  • refine and polish the final annual report design
  • work up the concepts
  • present the final publication options that will be detailed, consistent and strongly ‘on theme’.

To ensure the theme is quickly grasped by a casual reader, it is also reflected in the photography, pull quotes, section titles and captions included in the annual report design. Visit Lumino for your annual report design.

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